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Rapid7's solution for advanced vulnerability management analytics and reporting.

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Rapid7's incident detection and response solution unifying SIEM, EDR, and UBA capabilities.

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Rapid7's cloud-powered application security testing solution that combines easy to use crawling and attack capabilities.

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Other Projects


Virtual machines full of intentional security vulnerabilities. Exploit at will! Metasploitable is essentially a penetration testing lab in a box created by the Rapid7 Metasploit team.

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metasploit-payloads, mettle

These are Metasploit's payload repositories, where the well-known Meterpreter payload resides. Meterpreter has many different implementations, targeting Windows, PHP, Python, Java, and Android. The new 'Mettle' payload also natively targets a dozen different CPU architectures, and a number of different operating systems.

Mettle project
Metasploit-payloads project


Simplify interactions with virtual machines. Specifically, this was built to support automated testing by simplifying interaction with VMs. Currently, it supports VMWare Workstation through the vmrun.exe command-line application and ESXi through encapsulation of pyvmomi functions.

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This intentionally vulnerable web app with e-commerce functionality lets you simulate attacks against technologies used in modern applications.

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A native Ruby implementation of the SMB Protocol Family; this library currently includes both a Client level and Packet level support. A user can parse and manipulate raw SMB packets, or simply use the simple client to perform SMB operations.

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Metasploit Vulnerable Services Emulator

The tool is created to emulate vulnerable services for the purpose of testing Metasploit modules and assisting with Metasploit usage training.

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